Food you should avoid, based on your zodiac sign

November 29, 2017 lil teryan 0 Comments

All of us know that we should follow a healthy diet. We know general rules that we need to stick to, for example, to drink plenty water and to avoid carbs before going to bed. 

We’ve heard these rules since childhood. 

However, the best definition of a healthy diet is a diet that suits you and which is based on your individual demands. 

Your body is unique. Your daily activities are unique too. Your body type and daily activities should match with what you eat. The best way is to go to a nutritionist and check which products don’t suit you. 

However, today we list list products that you should avoid based on your zodiac sign. You will be surprised at how relatable these factors are. 

Aries should diminish the amount of coffee consumed. You are too energetic by nature and when you stimulate yourself with with coffee your body gets exhausted as it receives signal to keep working and pushing harder. 

Taurus need to cut down on chocolate consumption. Chocolate can’t help you to get rid of the initial source of your stress. It can only make you feel even worse as it will spoil your body. You don’t want that to happen. 

Geminis are not at all picky when it comes to food, which is not always a good thing. You should pay attention to what you eat. You’ d better eat less fast food and hamburgers and start substituting them with healthy lunches such as salads. 

Cancer loves eating spicy food. Spicy food corresponds to Cancer’s short temper. They also like strange combinations. Good advice for them will to be to separate their foods and to make them less spicy. 

Virgos’ daily meal plan is ok in terms of what they eat but there is another problem. Their portions are too big. It might be a problem that leads to excessive weight when you become older. Your metabolism simply won’t cope. 

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