15 Clear Signs That Can Be Found in Potential Cheaters

November 23, 2017 lil teryan 0 Comments

Many of us are blessed with a perfect life, a peaceful mind, and great partners. It is perhaps the latter that uses the middle asset to help us achieve the former. The importance of a good partner cannot be understated. Whether they are funny, compassionate or great lovers, a partner can only be as good as their integrity, and in today’s world, that is what hits hardest and yet hits most often. Having a cheating partner is one of the deepest pains imaginable and only makes us wonder if there was any inadequacy in us that warranted the action. And yet it is rarely so.

So to save the pain of an unfaithful special other, or just to be cautious just in case, we have today compiled a list of 15 hints that indicate a good chance your partner may be hanging around after work for all the wrong reasons.

1. Being Very Attractive

Although not normally associated with cheating, being attractive ensures a steady supply of unsuspecting victims. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are more likely to ignore cheating behavior if the offender is good looking. Additionally, research shows that 44% of the women in a survey claimed that they would disregard a man’s relationship status as long as he was good looking.

While being blessed with good looks is certainly no reason for infidelity, most cheaters are highly attractive people. Just being allowed to bask in the warmth of their sheer magnificence, makes us liable to sometimes look the other way when their relationship status comes into play, or continue being cheated on in the name of attraction.

2. Narcissistic tendencies

Cheating on your partner has been linked directly to narcissism on several occasions. People with narcissistic tendencies are prone to thinking of themselves in a higher regard than others, making it easier for them to disregard other people’s feelings. Narcissists often feel a sense of entitlement and will go to any lengths to feed their egos, even if it means distancing themselves from human emotions like empathy. This lack of empathy enables them to be selfish, greedy and dedicated to fulfilling their agendas without feeling a shred of guilt.

In a healthy relationship, it is imperative to realize that your actions are bound to have everlasting reactions on not only your relationship but also your significant other. Because narcissists feel like their feelings matter more than yours, they will disregard your needs if it means the fulfillment of theirs.

3. Adrenaline junkies

The chances are that people who lust for thrills, lust for other things as well. Thrill seeking behavior is often found in people who are more likely to cheat on their partners. Cheating on your significant other while being in a committed relationship would give adrenaline junkies a rush like no other. What makes the situation worse is that there is no end to cheating for someone who enjoys reckless behavior. Even if someone like this gets caught in the red of things, it will only prove to excite them more for future endeavors.

4. Needy

Cheaters are prone to exhibit excessively needy behavior. Their constant need for wanting more of everything means they are never content with what they have. Given their usually insecure nature, needy people often act out to receive attention. Their constant need to feel wanted needs fulfillment, meaning they are always looking for more people to stroke their excessively fragile ego and shower them with love and attention.

Sadly, not much can be done to remedy this situation. No matter how much you try to do for them, they will continue to fixate upon the impossibly high standards you fail to meet rather than appreciate your efforts.

5. Deceptive

Cheaters have been known to have issues with telling the truth, often getting aided by little white without you being any wiser about the situation. After a while, they get so adept at lying, that the line between reality and fiction starts blurring out in their head, making the value of truth seem significantly lesser. Being good at lying gives them an edge on cheating as the very act of cheating on your partner is innately deceptive. We aren’t claiming that all liars are cheaters; however, you need to be a liar to be a cheater.

6. Idolizing Cheating Behavior

This trait, while a clear giveaway, often goes undetected until it is too late. By paying close attention to your partner, you can pick up on their cheating tendencies and save yourself from unwarranted agony. People who react positively, or even neutrally, to other people’s cheating lifestyles are more prone to indulge in cheating behavior themselves. If your significant other seems enthralled with Keeping up with the Kardashians, chances are they like it for more than the apparent superficial reasons. While the Kardashians are in no way a poster family for infidelity, owing to the nature of their show, their relationships are positioned as unstable to the general masses.

7. They’re Insecure

A lot of potential cheaters hold deep childhood scars that lead them to mirror certain behavior (like cheating, duh) at a later stage in life. While it may seem contradictory to the nature of their offense, cheaters are often suffering from bouts of prolonged insecurity. Most cheaters have suffered from some severe emotional trauma that has led to them having low self-esteem. They seem to have internalized the pain from past experiences and now can’t help spreading it to their significant others. Feeling insecure might make it easier for them to cheat not only because they yearn for other people’s approval, but also because they feel like you deserve better, so they stop trying altogether.

8. Sociopathic tendencies

When you combine the two traits of having a loose moral conscience with antisocial behavior, you end up with a prospective cheater on your hands right away. The fact of the matter is that with a loose conscience, these sociopaths are very likely to end up cheating and have no mental repercussions whatsoever for their actions. The variance of these happenings is truly pedantry as there is no absolutism. However, when there is such contempt over the moral limits set in a relationship, it doesn’t take much to pull your special other over the line to someone else.

9. Hopeless Flirts

Flirts are a dangerous breed to have around. Even though they got you because of their flirting in the first place, the flirting is rarely a lone occurrence and chances are the flirting continues beyond the relationship enough to jeopardize it. With a personality that requires constant feeding of attention and validation, flirts can hide their prospects of cheating right under the nose of their partners by calling it harmless flirting.

10. A questionable moral compass

For an act of cheating, a questionable moral compass is a definite trait that needs to be present. Cheating essentially requires you to lie to your romantic partners by keeping them in the dark. Such an action could never have been possible for someone with high morals. People with questionable morals find ways to justify their situation not only to others but also to themselves. However, it is important to remember that, while monogamy might not be the right fit for everyone, cheating is never an option.

11. Drama queens

Cheaters are only that way because they possess a particular skill set which allows them to ply their trade (for a crude lack of words), in a way that helps them cover up with relative ease. Also, potential cheats often mirror psychological stances of relationships which are witnessed much earlier in life. So if your partner has grown up under parents who were caught out cheating after a long string of lies, it can only mean that they know not only the bits and pieces of cheating but can carry it out in a more refined sadistic manner as well.

12. Obsessive addicts

Most likely cheaters are hooked to the release of endorphins in the body due to some adrenaline jerking behavior. The high feeling is brought about with them when they undertake exciting risks which can range from a gambling addiction to extra-relational love making. Similarly, if the addiction is for drugs or alcohol, there is a high chance these will inhibit their ability to make a rational decision, leading them to cheat prospectively.

13. They’re Miserable

Most cheaters are negative people who are unhappy with their lives. They are discontent with themselves, leading them to be unhappy with their relationship. It makes it easier for them to cheat on their partners, considering they don’t fear the repercussions of being found out and called out on their behavior.

14. Highly opportunistic

Cheaters are highly enterprising people, always on the lookout for more opportunities. While most enter relationships with the intent of making them work in the long run, opportunistic people come into relationships based on what the other person has to offer. Such people might make you feel important while they need you, but will get rid of you the moment they spot a better option and that too without any qualms.

15. Phobia of ending up alone

One of the most major giveaway traits of a cheater is the fear of being alone. While most people argue that this trait should make them more scared of losing the people they love, the opposite seems to be true. Instead of treating their partners with the respect they deserve, they often resort to infidelity because they feel like their partner is going to leave them anyway. They feel like they need to keep their options open and thus, embark on an epic journey of self-sabotage.

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