This is How Often You Should Have Sex Based On Your Blood Type

October 21, 2017 lil teryan 0 Comments

Almost everyone has looked up a partner’s sign to see if it was compatible with theirs, at least once. You’ve done it too, admit it! Even though some people might be too embarrassed to say it, most of them regularly check their horoscope and get relationship advice from the stars. For instance, which signs would make a suitable partner for dating, marriage or sex.

But did you know your blood type also plays a role in your sexual life? According to a recent study, your blood type affects your sexual performance.

Read on below and see whether you or your partner are classified as the ultimate lover!

Type A Blood

People with type A blood are often hesitant to approaching someone. But if they do and they fall in love with them, they will think about their lover all the time. In addition, you have nothing to worry about as they will never lose interest in their lover after sex. When it comes to playing kinky games in the bedroom, individuals with type A blood are not as sexually adventurous. However, they’re sexually considerate and become fully absorbed in satisfying their partner. They usually have sex 3-4 times a week.

Type B Blood

People with type B blood are considered the Leos of blood types. They are passionate and surprising, both in and out of the bedroom and are the ultimate heart-breakers. These people are able to separate sex from love and can have sex that is purely physical. As such, the type B lovers can be sexually adventurous and open to love-making till dawn. However, they tend to be self-centered and put themselves before their significant others. They make love around 6-7 times a week.

Type AB Blood

These dreamers are very easy to fall for. Even though they can be romantic, they sometimes think of sex as a hobby. So, at times they’re willing to have sex without love, but they also want to make love with someone they care about. Nevertheless, you won’t be bored with them, as they like to try out new sexual positions in different places. These people have sex 4-5 times a week.

Type O Blood

These pure, romantic and passionate people are the ultimate lovers! The O types are the absolute beasts in bed. They have sex 2-3 times a day as they think it is natural and essential to humans. If they don’t have sex on a regular basis, it might affect other aspects of their lives. They simply have too much confidence in themselves and are known to be sexually aggressive at times. They’re willing to try anything in the bedroom, so you better think of something new if you don’t want to bore them!

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