The Magic Circle Of Nostradamus : Ask The Question-Get The Answer

October 23, 2017 lilit 0 Comments

Michel de Nostredame, also known as Nostradamus, was a French physician, alchemist and famous seer which became popular by predicting many global events. Nostradamus wrote his prediction in metaphors, but he has also been credited with the circle prediction, although there are no documents about this.

The prediction by a circle is very simple and precise. Just close your eyes and focus on the question that’s been occupying your mind, then put your finger in the circle and see the number you’ve hit – that is the answer to your question.


1.Yes. You belong to a group of people who don’t lose their spirit even in the most difficult situations. Don’t run away from your problems – just wait for your turn and you will resolve them.

2.Yes. Not today, but maybe tomorrow. Someone’s in your way and trying to confuse you, but don’t take them too serious. However, don’t underestimate this resistance as well. Avoid fighting and seek for a positive solution.

3.Yes. The events of the next few days will change your expectations. If you’re smart, you’ll spend your energy wisely, and not waste it on irrelevant things. Have some patients and the solution will come.

4.Yes. Luck is on your side at the moment, so there’s no reason to doubt. Enjoy your luck in the next few weeks.

5.Correct. At the moment, you’re paying far too much attention on the opinions of others. Don’t wait for too long and make your opinion heard no matter what. You should be respected more.

6.Everything will go a bit harder than you expect. You are seeing things from a wrong perspective, so it’s necessary to listen to your friend’s advice. Don’t fall for false hopes.

7.You can’t resolve the question now. Don’t waste time and energy on it, just try to enjoy the moment. It will work itself out soon. If you’re worried, try the magical circle again in a week.

8.Careful – don’t believe anything other people say. Keep a distance from some things, and be careful not to be disappointed.

9.No doubt. But, you’ll need help. Try talking to a good friend about your problems as they will see things objectively.

10.Yes. But, don’t let someone draw you in a delusion. Show some self-esteem and security, and everything will be fine. You can rely on your intuition for the moment.

11.The question has been asked prematurely. Leave it aside for now and focus on something more mature.

12.It’s possible. Everything’s progressing quicker and better than expected, just don’t make an impression of an uninterested person. Pay attention – someone’s trying to become your friend.

13.Not everything will go as planned. You are indecisive and may bring your friends in delusion. They consider you unpredictable, which doesn’t bode well for you. Destroy this picture of yourself – everybody loves you more than you think.

14.Everything will be fine if you get active. Everything but delay is permitted. Take the initiative in your hands and you’ll be surprised by your efficiency and ideas.

15.Yes, you can rely on your luck. There’s a turn of fate just around the corner. You don’t have to rush things as they may make you stray from the path.

16.All your hopes will be fulfilled, although in a different manner than you’ve expected. Be ready for a change, and never focus on one goal. Show some flexibility and never refuse an argument.

17.The question is still open. Think carefully about your wishes as your expectations are not mature. You are expecting too much from the other side. There will be no changes in the next few days, but one lucky coincidence can induce clarity. Listen and believe your inner voice.

18.There are difficulties on the way. There will be disappointment at first, but you’re not without a chance. This disappointment will be the fuel for positive resolution. Your circle of friends is growing and becoming better.

19.Distrust and hatred are too far away, but you will ruin everything if you don’t get rid of the suspicion. If luck goes around you, your modesty and insecurity is to blame. Put them aside and be open to people.

20.Yes. At this moment, luck is on your side, so there’s no reason to doubt a positive outcome.

21.Yes. To finally reach your goal, you only need a bit of effort. Be brave, take a risk and you will succeed. Be careful about what’s going on around you and keep in mind that coincidence doesn’t exist.


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