Choose A Fairy And We'll Tell You What You Attract In Life

October 21, 2017 lil teryan 0 Comments

Fairies are ethereal spirits that have been referred to as "demoted" angels or servers of sorcerers. In modern tales, fairies are often depicted as beautiful and enchanted tree spirits who remain hidden from humans. There are different characteristics and classifications of fairies, so the one you choose will decide what you attract in life.

Pick A Fairy

Flower Fairy

You picked the Flower Fairy, which symbolizes peace, sensitivity and a love for simplicity. You attract patience and understanding. You are delicate like a rose petal, so you know how to talk to others in a way that makes them feel good about themselves or the tough situation they're in. However, others need to treat you with care because you can become emotional easily. 

Ice Fairy

You picked the Ice Fairy, which symbolizes strength, attitude, and intellect. You attract leadership and challenges, which suits you perfectly. You are a natural born leader who enjoys taking on difficult projects and leading a group. People often rely on you to figure out tough problems and make quick, smart decisions. You understand difficult subjects easily and it takes a lot to offend you. You have a thick skin. 

Garden Fairy

You picked the Garden Fairy, which symbolizes creativity, imagination, and humor. You attract communication and opportunity. People are impressed by how effortlessly you come up with new creative ideas and you're often lost in a daydream. People tend to trust you and your ideas because of how well you present yourself. You enjoy talking, but sometimes a little too much. You rather laugh than fight and are a warm person to be around.

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