Cats and Dogs See Spirits and Feel Frequencies That We Don’t!

October 22, 2017 lil teryan 0 Comments

The scientific studies which lie behind this relatively new information have nothing to do with metaphysics or spirituality. It was until recent times that scientist believed that all mammals have the same type of retinas, but, this turned out to be wrong.

A study was conducted by a group of biologists at City University London which proved the differences in sight between species.

UV light is a wave length beyond the visible light that humans can see. Humans have lens that blocks the UV light for it to reach the retina. After studying lenses of dead mammals, researchers have concluded that dogs, cats, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs and ferrets can actually see UV light!

Science proved it, but I have somehow felt it even from before. First of all, everybody is aware of the fact that sailors intentionally bring a lot of cats on ships as they react quicker to different types of frequencies which people can’t sense and man-made machines will detect a bit later. They do this in order to prepare themselves for a storm or other natural disasters if they notice the animals to be more agitated than usual.

And the second reason I truly believe that there is more to this phenomenon and that it is connected to other realms and spirituality is that I have often seen my dog barking in the air. It simply starts staring like there is something in front of it which I can’t see. Moreover, it isn’t a coincidence that dogs bark and animals in general dislike or avoid petting with people who are “bad”. They sense and even see negative energy!

Furthermore, this theory can also be backed up by another theory which claims that other types of beings and “aliens” have long lived with us on earth but we can’t see them because they exist in other frequencies.

There is nothing scary here though as most spiritual coaches and mediums say that this has been true for millennia and that beings that do not own a physical body are mostly here for our protection!

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