10 Sex Lessons From Kamasutra Will Change Your Way Of Looking At Sex

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Written by the Hindu sage Vatsayana, Kamasutra has been widely acknowledged to show the world how to submit to the art of making love. It emphasizes on satisfying sex life, and how to improve your relationship with your significant one. Here are some tips from Kamasutra that will make look at sex differently:

1. Kamasutra Values Women Who Are Empowered With Knowledge

Quite contrary to what the society teaches about women and sexuality, Kamasutra says that a woman should study the book before she is married. She should be aware of how to handle her married life with her husband after her marriage. The book helps her to increase her allure which makes her feel more desirable. This hints that women are smarter than men and are sexually more attractive.

2. The Kamasutra Classifies Men According to the Size of Their Penis

According to Kamasutra, size does matter. Depending on the size of your penis, you could be a hare, bull, or a horse man. It also shows how classification can help a man and a woman have a good sexual experience. This involves matching the size of the penis with the size of a woman’s vagina. Anyway, they can use different positions to make their sex pleasurable.

3. The Kamasutra Emphasizes On Living A Well-balanced And Healthy Life

Kamasutra focuses on a healthy life, because a healthy man and woman make a healthy union. If you see the sex positions in the books, you will know why they emphasize on a healthy living and body. Kamasutra also says that a man must shave his face and other parts of the body. It also says that a man and a woman should live in a house with breeze and sunlight, have bath regularly, brush their teeth, and maintain a healthy appearance.

4. The Kamasutra Talks About Approaching And Enticing A Woman

The book has detailed knowledge on how to talk to a woman and entice her. It also has lessons on how a man should touch and express their desires to have sex with her. It says that men can start with touching shoulders of a woman to express desire and watch out for signs if she reciprocates it. Kamasutra says that types of touch and embraces can tell you if the woman is interested.

5. The Kamasutra Talks About 8 Different Types of Embraces

Kamasutra says that sex should always start with an embrace. It teaches a man how to approach a woman and how a woman can reciprocate, and the essential forms of embrace. There are embraces with mixture of sesame seed with rice, milk, and water. There are other embraces like the thigh embrace, breast embrace, and head to head embrace. All these are meant to increase and intensify pleasure. It can also be considered as a form of foreplay.

6. The Kamasutra Gives Lessons On Kissing

Kamasutra teaches three ways of kissing women, the throbbing kiss, the measured kiss, and the brushing kiss. It also says that the man should kiss the forehead, breasts, mouth, clitoris, hair, chest, and the inside of the mouth. These types are based on the intensity, place, and involvement of bites.

7. The Kamasutra Divides Sex Into 64 Acts

You may think that Kamasutra has a list of positions, but it actually divides the sexual intercourse into 64 acts, which also includes penetration. The book is divided into chapters which teaches about stimulation of desire, types of embraces, caressing, kissing, scratching, biting, positions for sex, types of moan, oral sex. Above all, it has detailed information on how to start and end the entire process. The book only has 10 chapters.

8. The Kamasutra Recommends Women To Scratch Their Partners

This is to be done by women only. It has eight varieties depending on the type of scratch — discus, half-moon, circle, line, tiger’s claw, peacock’s foot, hare’s leap, and lotus leap. On the other hand, the book suggests that the man should bite the woman in times of extreme pleasure

9. The Kamasutra Recommends That A Woman Should Climax First

Kamasutra agrees that a woman can orgasm a number of times. A woman should satisfy her man despite having had an orgasm, since they don’t turn into an inactive and tired person like a man becomes after he orgasms. The book also has knowledge on multiple ways you can give your woman a mind blowing orgasm.

10. The Kamasutra Recognizes That For Women, There Is More To Sex Than Penetration

Kamasutra recognizes that there is more than just penetration for a woman. For her, the whole act is sensual. Kamasutra suggests that while making a woman get an orgasm is the goal of sex, tending to her needs in psychological and sexual ways is the best way to satisfy her sexual urge. What a man does throughout the sexual process is important. It should include kissing, caressing, holding, complementing, and caring, that will make her come back more for every time.

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