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Just as we are all different in different aspects, there is also something that is characterized by its great variety and are the nipples, which come in all sizes, colors and flavors.

There is a belief that all humans are equal and in a certain way that’s true, since our functions at the organism level, and in general, are the same in all human beings, with some exceptions, but that’s another story.

The reality is that we are very different, even more than we think, both men and women have different types of nipples that give harmony to our human bodies, and that if we let the erotic thoughts aside, it’s an interesting part of our body.

Get to know the 4 most common types 

In general, there can be many kinds of nipples in the world, due to the great number of shapes we have, however, we will list the main types of nipples that we can find. Among them are.

1. Retracted nipples: These nipples are located in the inner part of the areola and the breast. They are really hard to get erected, but with the right stimulation you can see them grow.

2. Flat nipples: Unlike the retracted one, this type of nipple does never come out at all from the areola, giving the appearance of a breast without nipple.

3. Swollen nipples: They’re the most common, consisting of a small little bulge that protrudes from the areola giving the appearance of being a little swollen, but this is completely normal and there’s no need to worry.

4. Protruding nipples: They are also very common and protrude a few millimeters from the areola, appearing to be erect all the time, with a little stimulation they become much more noticeable. 

Separated by their characteristics.

In this case there are 4 different types of nipple according to their characteristics, and some are really strange.

1. Two different nipples: This could be a common situation, there’s no general rule for it and it could be an endless combination of nipples.

2. Wrinkled nipples: This situation is present when the areola surrounding the nipple has the Montgomery glands too pronounce, giving them a wrinkled appearance.

3. Hairy nipples: This is normal, but for some it’s a little uncomfortable. In this case, there’s hair in the areola and the nipple; in general this type of hair is a little thick.

4. Three nipples: Uncommon and strange, but it’s possible. When this happens, the extra nipple is usually half developed. 

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