12 Hidden Traits Most Empaths Have But Are Not Aware Of

Most people know about empaths and their ability to feel and know what the other person is going through. But there are other things as well which are worth knowing about an empath.

Here are 12 traits which are common to empaths and would help you to better understand them.

1. They get fatigued very easily. It is not easy to maneuver through the everyday life when you are being acted upon by the emotions and energies of others at almost every turn. What makes it worse is that there are people, energy vampires to be precise, who seek out empaths to drain them further.

2. They suffer from an addictive kind of personality. Now, this is not something to be craved for, but it is mostly adopted because it helps them to deal with life. It acts as a protection for them and helps them to block out the constant attack on their energy.

3. They are inherently creative. An empath would find it in himself or herself to turn out quite impressive paintings or music pieces or such. But it is not necessary that they realize exactly how talented they are.

4. At the first glance, others might think of empaths as shy and moody people, but that’s just how they sometimes look like while dealing with too many overwhelming thoughts. If you give them time, they will open up and then they are the best people to have around!

5. Try whatever you might, but you cannot make an empath interested in something that he or she doesn’t particularly like. People usually misconstrue this as being lazy, but nothing could be further than the truth.

6. Empaths tend to be introverts. This is because, for them, dealing with a large group of people gets very overwhelming and draining. As opposed to that, if they have to deal with one or two people at a time, they find it easier to control their energy.

7. They need their fair share of alone time to recharge themselves and to be able to deal with the world later. Imagine that you have a radio which catches excellent frequencies around people and it is always playing in the background wherever you go. The best you can do is to turn down its volume, and that too with great difficulty. Wouldn’t you too want to go rest someplace where the radio could be turned off completely?

8. They have a very big heart and are very giving by nature. They care for others without abandon, even though there have been many times that their generosity was used to exploit them.

9. Their intuitions are very powerful and strong. And what makes them even more effective is that they listen to their inner voice. They have had enough experiences where it had paid to ignore reason in the favor of their gut feeling.

10. Perhaps it comes naturally, given their generous nature, but they also believe in lifting up the underdog. They help those who need their help and will see to it that they get the support they need.

11. They are very close to the natural world. They are inherently kind towards animals of all species because they feel they are the purest beings in creation. And they often find refuge in the healing lap of nature and like to spend their time surrounded by greenery.

12. They also get bored quite easily. They need something that will pique their interest or they will find themselves drowsing off. Stimulating conversations are their thing.

It is not easy being an empath. Remember the radio analogy? So if you happen to know someone who is, make sure they feel appreciated and loved.

8 Ways An Empath Can Protect Himself From Being Energetically Drained by Negative People

Empaths are highly sensitive and are readily receptive to emotional energies. However, if not guarded from an oncoming negative wave, they find themselves very distraught.

If you happen to be highly sensitive, you know how annoying it feels to have your energy pulled down by others.

Here are 8 ways that you can protect yourself:

1. Say ‘No’ And Mean It

Sensitive people find it supremely difficult to refuse an earnest request.
It does not matter if Satan himself is asking for help. But if you ask me to move a mountain for you, and genuinely look like you need it, I will do it, even if it breaks my bones.
Learn to say ‘no’ to things that don’t bring you joy. Letting people walk over you is not a virtue.
Helping someone that is truly in need and doing something for someone that you love, and especially if the person truly is thankful and appreciates your help, can bring you joy and make you feel good, but helping everyone, even those that don’t show appreciation, can definitely put you down.

So learn the difference and the times when it is for the best to say ‘no’.

2. Listen To Your Heart

The greatest responsibility you have is being honest with yourself.
If you lie to your own brain, the wiring gets all messed up. Do not convince yourself to like things that you actually do not.
When you start accepting things for what they are, life becomes significantly easier. Make sure to always listen to your heart and be true to yourself.

3. Cut Out The Toxicity

You did not sign up for friends that make you want to kill yourself.
Honestly, we have all taken the ‘forever’ ideal way too far.
If somebody, irrespective of how close, repeatedly hurts you, please learn to cut them out. A barren field is better than one with landmines.

Toxic people are very harm for your own self and for your happiness.

4. Recharge In Solitude

Alone time is super important. If you are a sensitive person, being around people all the time will impact you negatively.
In order to avoid that, step away from time to time.
Reflect in solitude, meditate, or just sit and do nothing. You need to recharge your mental capacity.

Being alone and enjoying it every now and then is definitely something you need and, most likely, want.

5. Don’t Mold Yourself To People’s Choices

You are your own person. Remember that.
Everybody walks their journeys according to their own convenience.
Don’t try to fit into a box that somebody has made for themselves. It will lead you to a lot of unnecessary pain.

Find your own vein, and be satisfied with its pulse. You are not somebody else’s baggage.

6. Try Finding The Good In Every day

It is very difficult to find the silver lining in a drain pipe. But one must learn to try.
When life throws you into the gutter, try looking for the speeding car that you missed, or the accident you avoided.
It is true that bad things happen sometimes, but maybe they are meant to protect us from much worse.

7. Stay Close To The Natural

Nature has a way of healing one’s pain.
An hour spent in the garden almost feels like therapy.
Take some time to connect to natural things. Walk barefoot, climb a tree, spend time with plants.
My friend once made me stand on the bank of a river, with our feet dipped in the water. For those 5 minutes, I involuntarily forgot about everything else.

8. Prioritize Your Relaxation

You deserve to rest.
An empath’s mind is constantly at work with all the signals being thrown at it. Being perceptive has its own disadvantages.
Don’t let your over-hyped mind burn you out. Please ensure that you are taking proper care of your physical and emotional health.

Learn to give yourself a cheap day, or holidays. Switch off. We all need our time-out periods. There is nothing wrong with moving away from the buzz and cacophony. Everything will be in their rightful place when you return. Who knows, you might find the world a tad bit better when you return from your vacation.

So, close your eyes, and let go, every now and then.

Choose A Card To Discover What Lies Ahead In Your Romantic Future

Whether or not you are someone who believes in psychics, horoscopes, or even Nostradamus’ predictions for the future, this fun test is a great way to reveal a little more about your love life.

Just take a look at the four cards below. Which one calls to you? Try not to over think it. Just go with your gut reaction. Once you’ve chosen a card, keep reading to find out what your card reveals about you and your romantic endeavors!

The Nine Of Wands

When this card appears in your reading you have to be ready to defend yourself. You have to be on your guard as the expectation of trouble is coming your way. If troubles are coming from your past, you must think really clear and hold your ground, even if you are tired and weary. Deal with it once and for all.

The Nine of Wands card talks of perseverance, trying repeatedly and refusing to take “no” for an answer. You have to continue despite fatigue, slow stamina, toughness and strength. If you are single, the appearance of Nine of Wands in a reading might suggest that you are careful with relationships because you might have been hurt in the past.

Try and analyze the things that went wrong and see where there is room for change. Now is the time to get yourself whole emotionally. When in a relationship, the apparition of this card may suggest that you have to be on guard because you might get hurt.

Another meaning might be that a partner is very protective and you might feel suffocated. Tell him/her you need a little breathing space.

The Seven Of Cups

The Seven of Cups is likely to appear when temptation has wormed its way into your life. This card presents to us seven golden chalices each overflowing with a different object. The picture is quite chaotic and reflects the many different options that have appeared, or will soon appear, in your life.

Too many options to explore may leave you feeling defeated, but this is rarely the case. The Seven of Cups is pointing out this flaw in your plan in order to encourage prioritization.

In a relationship-oriented spread, the Seven of Cups spells trouble. If you’re already attached, it means that you can expect some bumps in the road. At this time, it’s important for you to evaluate your relationship objectively. Are you being completely honest with your partner about your intentions?

If you are looking for love, this means that your romantic pursuits may not be what they seem. If you are unsure about someone, do not jump into a relationship with them.

This card is very likely to come up if your potential partner is not being honest about their emotional availability.


Strength is all about your ability to assert yourself in a diplomatic and constructive way. It is also about your own personal growth and coming into your own by taking the reins and directing yourself down your path without stepping on the toes of others.

It is a very powerful card and is generally a good omen in your readings. If you’re already attached, Strength in a love oriented reading is a sign that your relationship has stability and room for both parties to grow together in a healthy way.

For those looking for love, this is a good sign that it’s right around the corner, so long as you’re putting yourself out into the dating pool. Right now is the best time to let your confidence shine through and meet the person of your dreams.

Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a card all about making steady progress in your life. It does not promise instant results, but it does bring it with happy endings for those who are steady on their paths.

When the Three of Wands appears in your relationship spread, it means that you’re in a good position to grow with your partner. It’s possible that you are on the verge of starting something new or learning something new about your partner.

Be open and honest about your expectations of the relationship and do not be afraid to voice any concerns you have about the future. Now is the best time to figure out if you and your partner are on the same page, or if you want different things out of life.

10 Brilliant Ways to Eat Nutella for Breakfast

I prefer savory foods for breakfast. I’ll take leftover pizza, some bacon, and eggs, or a nice sandwich over pancakes any time. However, add Nutella into the mix and I forget all about my love for savory foods. Few things set you up for a great, happy day like having Nutella for breakfast. Here are 10 glorious ways to have Nutella for breakfast that will never disappoint!

Nutella Stuffed French Toast

Nutella Stuffed French Toast is a great breakfast food for several reasons, the most important of which is, obviously, that it has Nutella in it. Make a Nutella sandwich with your favorite bread, dip both sides of the sandwich in an egg-milk mixture and lightly brown on each side. Oh so good! It’s also quick and easy to make, combines both savory and sweet tastes, and only takes four ingredients + love.

Nutella + Marshmallow Sandwiches

Imagine s’mores, but with toast, but way better. You might miss the campfire vibe as you’re cooking and eating them, but I’d be hard-pressed to think of a better way to return into childhood during breakfast.

Nutella + Banana Milkshake

Forget Bulletproof Coffee and Kale smoothies, because the Nutella + Banana milkshake is here! It’s sweet, tasty, and cold. It’s the perfect breakfast in and of itself, but it will also go great as the desert you have after a nice savory morning meal.

Nutella Brownies

These take a bit longer to prepare, but the result is well worth it. Using Nutella when making brownies is a solid way to ensure that your brownies turn out with the perfect consistency – solid, but slightly moist and chewy. The most important trick to making the perfect Nutella Brownies is to add just slightly more salt than you think is necessary, because salt will make the sweetness of Nutella stand out more.

Nutella Cookie Rolls

A cookie twist on the classic Nutella crepe. The greatest thing about this recipe is that it’s perfect for people who seldom have time to eat breakfast at home. With this recipe, you can easily make yourself a batch of cookie rolls to take with you and eat at work or during your commute.

Nutella + Banana Rolls

Just like the rolls before, this is a cookie twist on the beautiful French breakfast food (for people who can’t appreciate croissants). Delicious, sweet, and portable cookie rolls that will make everyone who sees you eating them jealous.

Nutella + Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Once again, one of the secrets of making Nutella taste even better (I know, I was also shocked that it’s possible), is to have something salty with it. Hence, this combination of peanut butter and Nutella is a surefire way to take your banana bread to the next level!

Nutella Pop-tarts

Okay, controversial food take – I was never a fan of pop tarts. I’m a savory food person, and the sweetness of pop tarts is just too much for my pallet. However, I’ve tried making these at home, and I have to say that they’re the absolute greatest. Like store-bought pop tarts, you can store these for more than a couple of days and they’ll still be good!

Nutella Stuffed Cookies

The fact that raisin cookies look exactly the same as chocolate chip cookies are one of the Top 5 reasons I have trust issues as an adult. If you want to make sure your cookies are always, clearly, 100% for sure filled with chocolate – make them with Nutella instead of chocolate chips! It’s delicious!

Nutella Popsicles

Like the Nutella + Banana milkshake, this breakfast food is perfect. The only thing that could be better than having ice cream for breakfast is having these Nutella popsicles for breakfast. Summer’s almost over, so if you’re planning on making all the foods on this list, I strongly suggest that you start with this. I definitely saved the best for last. Enjoy!

The Best Wedding Color Themes For Fall

If you like the idea of a fall wedding you probably agree that white gowns are so last year. Who even wants a white gown anymore? It’s very old-fashioned and just passé. Fall weddings are a great opportunity to add a bit of color to your wedding, a chance to do something fun and colorful, and you know, add a bit of spice. So here’s a look at some of the best fall wedding color schemes that you could incorporate into your special occasion.

1. Red Foliage

Nature turns all shades of red this time of the year and it would be a crime not to pay homage to that. We’re not saying you should have a red wedding dress, but you could easily incorporate red accessories into your look. A pair of red shoes would go great with some deep red lipstick and a dark red bouquet. You can also add matte golden or muted orange accents to the decorations to add to the theme of foliage.

2. Emerald and Blush

Not a lot of people would think to combine these two colors together, and even less would consider it as a wedding theme. So by choosing emerald and blush as the main colors for your autumn wedding, you’re practically guaranteed to have a unique wedding, not to mention how gorgeous everything will look. It’s a great choice for those who want to have a wedding at the end of summer/beginning of autumn. If you can score a location in the Irish countryside and get a blush dress – you’re freaking golden.

3. Shades of Gray

A great way to give a nod to a traditional white wedding while still being original and doing your own things is to go for shades of gray. Everyone knows gray looks awesome and classy as hell on everything. Be it a dress, your shoes, your furniture, decorations or literally anything. And since there are so many shades of gray and they all go well together you could easily have a cool monochrome wedding. Add touches of silver for a more festive look. And of course, you could go for a grayish white when it comes to the dress.

4. Pumpkin Spice

If you roll your eyes when you hear pumpkin spice, wait for a second and give it a chance. First of all, no matter how basic pumpkin spice latte has become, some of us love the taste. But secondly, and more importantly, as a color scheme – this is absolutely gorgeous. And again, you can go for soft shades or more vibrant colors, but either way, this will look incredible as a wedding color scheme. And you know, if you’re brave enough you could even serve pumpkin spice latte as a drink.

5. Copper and Concorde

If you want a super glamorous wedding, copper and concorde are the shades for you. These are very rich colors that will definitely make your wedding an affair to remember. You could go all out with decorations, and make everything super glam, but even if you go for a rustic setting – adding touches of these colors will glam the whole ordeal up a lot. Some might say it’s a bit out there and looks a bit over the top, but hey, it’s a wedding, how much more over the top can you get?

6. Mustard and Sky Blue

If you want to add a bit of warmth to your wedding color scheme mustard is the way to go. It’s a very autumnal color that will add a cozy vibe to your event, but it’s also very on trend this year, so it’ll give your wedding a very stylish and modern feel. You could also implement other shades of yellow, and pair them with sky blue. Altogether it’ll look gorgeous and give you an atmosphere of the last sunny days of summer and impending warm shades of autumn foliage.

McDonalds Has A Limited Edition Couture Box, By Couture Designer Julien Macdonald

Yes, the worlds of high end and fast food do meet at some point. After fashion shows, we all see the bleary-eyed models heading to McDonalds to nom on some fries, and fast food was introduced to fashion through pop culture by Jeremy Scott. But this is a whole new level of hybrid.

Yes, someone actually created a limited-edition burger box for Mcdonald’s new “gourmet burger” (try not to roll your eyes), but the box is actually pretty cool, and we would repurpose it for our own uses. Wouldn’t this make a lovely jewelry or herb box? It’s a black and gold, Baroque inspired look that looks very signature Versace. But apparently it’s signature Julien Macdonald, the London designer they commissioned to make this piece, who has had his pieces worn by many a star.

The designer himself looks like a riot (have you ever seen a V that deep?) and his inspiration will also make you LOL. He draws inspiration from “my fashion creations and iconic embellished red carpet dresses”. We're not sure how this red carpet gowns translates into black and gold fast food box, but the reason for the addition of crystals makes more sense, now. And Julien’s own designs that our favorite celebs rock are also quite gorgeous.

Will Instagrammers who are anti-fast food but pro fashion come and snap pics of their fresh manicures grasping these little boxes? Only if you’re in the UK at certain McDonalds showcase events will you be able to get your hands on these babies.

Well, at least it’s for a good cause. Proceeds to go the Ronald McDonald House charities. Do you like the new and luxurious, black and gold rebranding from McDonalds and their departure from red and yellow? Tell us if it’s worth booking a flight to the UK!

Randomness Doesn’t Exist and @driftgio Is All The Proof You Need

“Randomness doesn’t exist!” – those are the words that greet you on the @driftgio Instagram account. At first, this profile might confuse you, since all the pictures here are very odd and seemingly random. But once you take a closer look at them you start to realize that each picture on this page seems to be in some way connected with the previous one, there’s a flow to this instafeed and it tells a story. Yes, that story might be very strange and unusual, and let’s not beat around the bush – quite a bizarre one, but a story nonetheless.

We should point out that the photos in this profile don’t all belong to the same photographer, in fact, they don’t even belong to the owner of this Insta-profile at all. They’re selected from the best works of world-class photographers in a unique, seemingly imperceptible way. Yet they form a huge mosaic, which consists of pictures where all the colors and shapes are calibrated to the smallest detail. That’s what gives this Instagram profile an eccentric charm and particular beauty the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

1. What do you think?

2. We’re all protecting our own little space.

3. A perfect illustration of a lawyer.

4. Just look at these vivid colors!

5. Well, he sure is ready for Coachella, he’s got his flower crown on and everything.

6. A great representation of my cooking skills.

7. Don’t cage yourself in, let your thoughts roam freely.

8. What do you think this one’s all about? Personal bubbles?

9. Hot, pink and made of plastic, is that real-life Ken?

10. Well, that’s a picnic you’ll never forget.

11. Who said elderly ladies can’t look cool?

12.Blending in while standing out.

13. Well that’s an interesting and innovative approach to painting toenails.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends

Whether you’re moving to a new place or just decided to redecorate your home, knowing what’s hot in this year in terms of interior design is always a good idea. It’s nice to know how to make your home look stylish, comfy and trendy. Even if you don’t have to furnish or decorate an apartment, it’s still fun to look through a catalog of cool looking interiors, I know I do it all the time, and thank god for Pinterest it’s very easy to do these days. So let’s take a look at top 10 interior design trends.

1. Muted Colors

First and foremost let’s talk about the colors that are in this year. If you hate loud bright colors – rejoice, 2017 is all about muted colors and subdued shades. Think white, off-white, blush, camel, beige and pale grey. Neutrals all the way!

2. Grey

Speaking of grey. It was a popular choice last year and will continue to feature prominently in interior design this year too, but with more shades. Combination of grey and white is still at it’s peak, but some interesting deeper shades of grey are also emerging in the designer world. It’s a great color that goes with everything, so we see why it’s so popular in interior design.

3. Matte Appliances

No more shiny kettles and glossy ovens in the kitchen. 2017 is all about matte appliances. If you think this will make your kitchen look dull you’re sorely mistaken. In fact, a matte finish can give more depth to the overall design of your kitchen and serve as an interesting detail, that will draw more attention to the actual shape and design of your appliances.

4. Marble and Brass

If you have been loving the marble and brass combo you’ll be happy to know it’s here to stay. It’s a great combination for baths and kitchens. It looks clean and elegant and luxurious but with a hint of an industrial feel to it. What’s more, marble patterned wallpaper, rugs and carpets are also becoming a huge trend this year.

5. Bronze

Another metal that’s becoming a popular choice for adding an interesting feature to a room is bronze. It’s much warmer looking and works great with muted colors like blush, grey, and off-white. So if you’re looking to buy some accent pieces for your home, consider buying something bronze, like a vase, a lighting fixture or even a bronze framed mirror.

6. Cérused Wood

Cérused wood is becoming a huge trend this year. If you’re wondering what the heck is “cérused wood” let me explain. It’s a technique used to make the texture and grain of the wood stand out more. In the past, this effect was achieved by filling the grains of wood planks with white led, which would then create an interesting contrast against the dark wood. These days, however, it’s usually done with non-toxic waxes, so you don’t have to worry about led poisoning.

7. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are nothing new, but they’re becoming a favorite when designing kitchens and bathrooms this year. They’re simple and easy to use and there’s quite a selection of colors to choose from at any price point. You can use white ones for a classic feel or choose a deeper color like dark green if you want to add an interesting accent.

8. Smart Home Design

We can’t deny that technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We rely on all sorts of devices heavily from day to day, so it’s time to incorporate it into our interior design. IKEA already came out with a nightstand that comes with a charging dock installed. It’s a smart feature that allows you to not worry about plugging in your phone before going to bed, you can just place it on your nightstand and it will charge from there.

9. Geometrics

Don’t take this trend too literally. You shouldn’t cover your walls in wallpaper with geometric patterns, that would be too much. But adding some geometric pieces and accents will make your home look more curated and put together. Geometrically shaped bookshelves, standing lamps and magazine tables are a good place to start.

10. Outdoor-Looking Showers

The key word here is “outdoor-looking”. By this, we mean showers that are still indoors, obviously but look and feel like you’re out in nature. So think open space, lots of natural light, preferably from a large window, and something that will make you feel closer to nature, be it some greenery in your shower or wooden accents.


Even if you have a strong personality, your state of mind can change at any moment. It could be due to work, emotions or other external factors.

If you want to find out a little more about your state of mind, choose one of the following pictures:

Number 1

You’re relaxed, humorous and jovial. You see life as an opportunity to be free and spontaneous, and you enjoy every moment. Have you ever heard the phrase “you only live once”? This phrase defines you. You look for new experiences, you’re curiosity is insatiable and you’re not afraid of change. You prefer to take risks and try something new rather than feeling limited by your circumstances. You like surprises.

Number 2

You are independent and don’t like the conventional. You always follow your own path and disregard your limitations. You have artistic abilities and enjoy showing them at work or in your free time. You like freedom so much that you’re unpredictable. You live according to your own ideas and beliefs, even if you have to swim against the tide.

Number 3

You’re probably a sensitive person. You like to meditate and reflect about yourself and the world around you. You can’t stand the superficial. You prefer a moment alone than any senseless conversation. But you establish strong bonds with your true friends. That brings you inner peace and good health. You don’t get bored easily, even in solitude.

Number 4

You’re virtuous, balanced and harmonious. You prefer simplicity and all things natural, which makes others feel comfortable around you. You’re down-to-earth and trustworthy. You like to provide security to your loved ones, but without being overprotective. They see you as a loving and kind person. You don’t like the trivial and don’t follow fashion trends. You prefer practical, yet elegant clothing.

Number 5

You’re a pragmatic professional and have a lot of confidence in your abilities. You have life under control and don’t leave anything to chance. You resolve problems with simple, uncomplicated solutions. You’re realistic, but you know how to make good decisions. It’s possible you hold a position of responsibility at work because others trust in your ability to take charge. Your mental strength is well received by others and you aren’t satisfied until you finish what you’ve started.

Number 6

You love peace, like to reflect and don’t like aggression. You’re easy to get along with, but you’re also cautious. You can make friends easily, but you also enjoy your independence and privacy. It doesn’t bother you to spend time in the company of friends, but from time to time you also need a rest to reflect about life. Your space is sacred, so it’s possible you have a favorite place which nobody else knows about. But it’s not like you’re a hermit. You are at peace with yourself and with those around you.

Number 7

You’re a dynamic, active and extroverted person. You like to take on risks and aren’t afraid of commitment, whether at work or in a social situation. Routine is your biggest weakness, so you always try to remain active. The decisions you take won’t always make everybody happy, but your true friends are those who stick by your side throughout all of the changes.

Number 8

You’re a romantic person and a dreamer, with a sensitive character. You refuse to see things from an exclusively rational point of view. To you, feelings and emotions are more important. It’s important to you to dream and imagine. You’re not interested in surrounding yourself with people who don’t believe in romanticism and prefer logic. If something limits the range of your emotions and feelings, you reject it immediately.